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Gnorizo is an executive coaching consultancy based in

Sydney Australia


Gnorizo is a Greek word that means ‘to know, to gain knowledge of’

Gnorizo coaches towards a new understanding that enables adaptation and capacity to manage ambiguity, complexity and chaos. Strategic insight and ability to make more effective decisions are gained, setting the foundation of sustained change. Transforming the individual, team and organisation, towards their strategic direction and achievement of their desired outcomes.

the Logo

The Gnorizo logo has been adapted from the ancient Greek symbol for wisdom. The outer ring represents the coach working collaboratively with the leader/client, the inner ring, to support them to reach for the star, their desired outcomes. The points of the star represent the ‘five pillars’ of Gnorizo’s coaching.


business coaching sydney

the Director

Mina brings over 25 years’ experience from consulting and 17 in clinical practice

Gnorizo Director, Mina Candalepas, has consulted with over 2,500 clients, assisting them to move through performance barriers towards superior occupational and interpersonal performance. Outcomes have ranged from client personal victories, to significant improvements in individual and team productivity, in addition to sustainable and significant revenue increases.

the Philosophy

Coaching enriches awareness; unlocking human potential
towards positive and sustained change, facilitating optimal performance
for individuals and their organisation

The human psyche is varied and complex. Individual values differ, as do responses to differing situations or events. Gnorizo’s coaching philosophy appreciates individual and/or team differences and provides personalised programs that assess and embrace the leader’s and/or team’s personality style, character and temperament.

Through a collaborative process of goal identification and interpretation, dynamic questioning, self-reflection, and out of session action plans, self-awareness hence behaviour change may be achieved. The presenting concerns, desired goals, readiness and/or motivation for change within the organisational context are considered. An individualised coaching plan grounded in evidence based best practice is developed.

The mutual trust and connectedness that emerges through the collaborative coaching relationship allows for openness. The leader’s and/or team’s strengths and potential to flourish are supported. Barriers preventing goal achievement are identified and discussed.

Break-throughs on repeated and long-term behaviour patterns obstructing success are often experienced. The doors to performance enhancement are opened.

This self-awareness empowers the leader towards adaption, managing ambiguity and chaos, gaining strategic insight and effecting decisions to transform their organisation towards attainment of peak performance, sustained change and ultimately achieving even more than they set out to. Through their enhanced actions leaders model this new knowledge and change to those they lead, extending the reach of the coaching process. Thus, the positive outcomes of the coaching have a dynamic flow-on effect towards organisational growth.

the Services

Leadership is as much a Science as it is an Art

Executive CoachingBespoke Coaching ProgramsTeam Development & FacilitationMental Health ProgramsTeam Needs Analysis

the Return on Investment

Zenger, Folkman and Edinger (2010) identified that extraordinary leaders of a Fortune 500 company, more than doubled profits for their organisation when compared to leaders that were identified as good. The research also confirmed that extraordinary leaders could be developed.

Gnorizo Pty. Ltd.

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Mina Candalepas


Level 21, 133 Castlereagh Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia


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